Can Bounce Houses Be Used Indoors

Can Bounce Houses Be Used Indoors

In the realm of children's entertainment, few things evoke as much joy and excitement as a bounce house. These inflatable wonders, with their vibrant colours and endless bouncing opportunities, are a staple of outdoor parties, carnivals, and festivals.

But what about bringing the fun indoors? Is it safe, practical, and feasible to set up a bounce house within the confines of a house or indoor space? Let's delve into this question to uncover the potential benefits and considerations.

Yes, you can use bounce houses indoors, but there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind:


Setup and Anchoring

  • Choose a flat, level surface away from walls, furniture, and other hazards to set up the bounce house.
  • Make sure the ceiling is at least 6 feet above the highest point of the bounce house.
  • Anchor the bounce house securely to the floor using weights or sandbags.
  • Avoid blocking exits, lighting, fire sprinklers, or other safety features of the building.



 Supervision and Capacity

  • Always have adult supervision when children are using the bounce house.
  • Adhere to the recommended capacity and avoid overcrowding.
  • Group children by size and age to prevent collisions.
  • Discourage rough play like flips, somersaults, wrestling, or pushing.


Prohibited Items

  • Ensure children remove shoes, jewellery, glasses, and sharp objects before entering.
  • Prohibit food, drinks, gum, pets, silly string, or confetti inside the bounce house.


Deflation and Exiting

  • Instruct children to exit the bounce house immediately if it begins to deflate.
  • Keep the exit clear and unblocked at all times.


Additional Safety Measures

Additional Safety Measures

  • Establish Clear Rules: Define capacity limits, duration of play, attire and footwear requirements, and behaviour guidelines to promote safe usage of the bounce house.
  • Install a Padded Enclosure: Consider setting up a padded enclosure around the bounce house to minimize the risk of collisions and provide an extra layer of protection for children.
  • Ensure Constant Supervision: Assign responsible adults to supervise children at all times, monitoring their activities inside the bounce house to prevent accidents and ensure adherence to safety rules.


Age and Ability Considerations

  • Bounce houses are typically safe for children aged 6 to 13; younger children may be at risk of injury.
  • Children who are unable to stand or walk may not be suitable for bounce houses.


Other Safety Tips

  • Ensure the rental agency has liability insurance in case of accidents.
  • Inspect the quality, condition, and sanitation of the bounce house before use.
  • Keep children away from the blower at all times.



In conclusion, with careful planning and safety measures, indoor bounce houses offer a convenient and weather-independent option for children's parties. They provide privacy, customization, and uninterrupted fun, making them a memorable choice for entertaining young guests indoors.

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