Bounce House For Sale

Bounce House For Sale

A bounce house is so much fun, especially during vacations. Not only kids but elders do also love the bouncy house, it is just they can’t enter into it now. World’s largest bounce house, The Big Bounce America, certified by the Guniess Worlds Records, square feet and includes ball pits, climbing towers, confetti blasts, and live DJs.

Commercial Bounce Houses at Happy Jump

We at Happy Jump are fully dedicated to manufacturing the finest commercial-grade inflated bouncy houses in the market. Our manufacturing facility produces inflatables in hundreds of different sizes, and shapes, from traditional water house to water slides, and interactive games.

We believe that our customers deserve the best and we try to make their happiness our priority by providing these bounce houses in a cost-effective range.

We also provide incredible wholesale prices on our exclusive package deals

Starting small is always a great idea, but many new businesses dive directly into commercial grade inflatables. Bounce house and inflatables need a significant startup cost, and Happy Jump is ready to assist you by providing you with the special offers and wholesale pricing and deals throughout the year. In this way, we add value to the business owners who are new into the world of inflatables.

Why Happy Jump for Bounce Houses?

Our package deals are a great way to start as they are the best commercial deals you will get. This allows you to fill your inventory quickly and efficiently. We offer several packages and help you choose the best which fit into your idea to kick-off your business. Not only this we also have an exclusive range of bounce houses that can be set up in your backyard for your children. So, whether setting up your new business or setting a bounce house outside your house, we have everything to fulfill your wishes. Therefore, Happy Jump is a one-stop destination for all the inflatables you need for your children.


Easy to set up

Requires less time in inflating

Excellent quality


Interactive designs

Along with these benefits, you get to choose from thousands of designs for your commercial as well as in house inflatables for your kids. We at happy jump are always there to help you find the best one.

We also provide custom designs in bouncy castle and houses according to your needs. Our designer team ensures that the product you get in the end is the exact replica of what you thought in your mind. Hence, we are the leaders in this industry, serving and building trust.