Happy Hippo - XL8160
Happy Hippo - XL8160
Happy Hippo - XL8160
Happy Hippo - XL8160
Happy Hippo - XL8160

Happy Hippo - XL8160

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This unit includes: Repair kit, stakes, straps,and blower

Product Specifications

Happy Hippo - XL8160

Min. Height Requirement 36" Unit Height: 13 ft
No. of Blowers: 2 Unit Length: 36 ft
Blower Size: 1 hp Unit Width: 26 ft
Warranty: 36 Months Unit Weight: 600 lbs

🦛🌟 Get ready for a wild adventure with our Happy Hippo inflatable! 🎉 This lively companion offers a unique and thrilling experience, complete with a dual entrance through the hippo's mouth that leads to an exciting journey of fun.

 👄 The adventure begins as you climb up the steps inside the hippo, embracing the anticipation of the slide that awaits. The journey continues around the back, where pop-up obstacles on either side of the hippo add an extra element of excitement and challenge.

 🤹‍♂️ Navigate through the obstacles to the right or left of the hippo, testing your agility and creating a dynamic play experience. The exit points on the side of the hippo's mouth provide a triumphant end to the adventure.

 🚀 Happy Hippo is not just an inflatable; it's a whimsical journey full of surprises and laughter, offering an imaginative escape for all who dare to venture inside! 🌈👫


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